The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #62 Two wheelers together again. Back-to-school looking brighter. Julian Taylor music and conversation

September 1, 2022

Sure, you can hold a cycling event virtually and raise lots ‘o money for a worthy cause like A Place Called Home. But the real thing is wayyyy better. A cyclist participating in the recent return to the in-person Kawartha Lakes Classic Cycling Tour explains why. The upcoming back-to-school won’t be like the one 2019. But it’s way better than the one in 2021. And let’s not even discuss 2020? Wes Hahn, Director of Education for the TLDSB, explains what students and parents can expect for the 2022 version.

Singer songwriter Julian Taylor draws on his unique roots to create a sound all his own, with smart, thoughtful lyrics and remarkable guitar work. And we’re not just sayin’ that cuz he’s now a neighbour! We sit down and chat with Julian at his new (part-time) home near Cameron.

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