The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode # 54 Stay, dog! STAY! Tumbled walls. Big(ger) League Dreams come true. Hitched to live music.

May 2, 2022

So, you’re happy you got that dog two years ago, knowing you’d have much ‘o time to bond together at home. But what happens now that you’re back at that pre-2020 workplace? Dog expert/trainer/breeder/groomer Julie Corlette tells us what both you and pet should expect during this back-to-daily separation.

Knockin’ ‘em down was the easy part. Convincing critics that removing those tall walls outside Lindsay’s former jail was the right choice, well that took a bit more work. And now that they’re down, what next?  Barb Doyle of the Kawartha Lakes Museum and Archives shares the plan – and the vision.

Coulter Babcock is heading to baseball’s big leagues. That’s the hope, anyway. And it’s looking pretty realistic, given the young man was recently awarded a baseball scholarship in the U.S. Rick  Knoester says there’s a dearth of places play live music in Kawartha Lakes right now. So, the drummer and his Hitcher band mates booked their own venue, ensuring “Lindsay Rocks” Saturday, May 7.


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