The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #53 Rebecca’s return. (Almost) 100 men. Big house warming gift. Hang on to that spoon.

April 15, 2022

Spoons is a game made famous – locally, anyway – at IE Weldon Secondary School. It was put on hold for a few years because, well, you know. But it’s back and a couple of students dish on its role with bringing back some normalcy to school halls.

She’s been a touring professional standup comedian for the better part of a decade. But Rebecca Reeds has never performed in her hometown of Lindsay. That changes with an upcoming show at the Pie Eyed Monk. Buying that first house – even a modest one – can be so out of reach. Which is why more parents are helping out – with huge financial gifts. But lawyer Ryan O’Neill explains it should involve more than just writing a cheque to that son or daughter.

So so close! The Hundred Men of Kawartha Lakes has been a bit of misnomer – with just slightly less than 100 members. But that’s about to change, a confident Richard Gauder, of the local do-good group, explains.


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