The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #47 Deja school all over again. Beaver problem? Maybe. Wild pigs problem? Definitely. Wanna run for city council? Think it through. Music by Chris Sweetman

January 16, 2022

Wild pigs are knocking on our back door. In fact, the unwelcome invaders may already be here. And the city wants to huff and puff and blow that problem down before it gets too serious. Beavers, conversely, do belong here. But how and when should we co-exist with the rodents? Our landowner-host seeks guidance from someone in-the-know of all things genus Castor. Post secondary students are back to school – if by school, we mean in front of a screen. Again. We hear from several students from the C of KL who are studying at different institutions across Canada about this roller coaster year – again.

Hey, a gig as a city councilor isn’t ALL fame, fortune, glamour, red carpets and autographs. Pat O’Reilly, who is not running again, offers some non-partisan wisdom. Call it a veteran councilor offering job counsel.

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