The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #37 - The culture of public horticulture. Reaching women-in-need during Covid has its challenges. Lubin at The Grove. Composter comes cheap, courtesy of City.

August 15, 2021

Standup comedian Gilson Lubin is looking forward to playing Fenelon’s Grove Theatre on August 19. But the (forced) break from performing, he says, was a welcome respite to recharge - and also quit a bad habit.

There’s more to being a city’s official horticulturist than just plantin’. It’s a lot of planning – and art, explains Megan Phillips.

Have composter, will divert much waste. Have FREE composter, will divert even MORE waste, right?

Women’s Resources sometimes finds itself with a few available beds. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t women-in-need in Kawartha Lakes. It means the pandemic can be a challenge in reaching them, says WR’s Bella Alderton.

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