The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

EPISODE #23 - Haleigh’s Vaccine. Fresh FueLL’s fresh start. Eviction notice new rules. University now, sure. But campus residence now? Why? New word from Lindsay’s Lyndsay.

January 16, 2021

Lindsay’s Haleigh Wallace was happy to roll up her sleeve for the vaccine. Yes, that vaccine. She describes it like no other needle-in-arm experience. In a good way! Evictions during Covid demand new, and oft-changing, rules. Lawyer Jason Wards makes a cloudy situation, well, not cloudy.

Who uproots their restaurant to a new and bolder location during a pandemic? Luis and Leanna say they were undeterred. And now tacos and coffee are closer to the North Ward.

It’s one thing to stick it out in post secondary and its new, if even temporary, on-line format. But why live in – and pay for – campus residence while, ahem, “attending” classes? A student who’s living it has his reasons – and they’re worth hearing.

And who doesn’t want to expand their vocabulary? Lyndsay Bowen of Kawartha Public Library increases our word power. Oh, and an opening sketch inspired by those, ahem, beloved 70s sitcoms.

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