The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #41 The OTHER jab. Stone wall wonder. Hockey’s back – so is Owen! Diversity panel primer.

October 15, 2021

Hey, remember the regular ole, seasonal flu shot? We still need it, despite that other shot getting all the attention. And our medical officer of health tells us why the flu shot is as important as ever. Those stone walls near Kirkfield look mighty imposing  – and they're filled with the history of the family that built them. George Laidlaw’s great-great grandson shares the story of how – and why – they came to be. And why it’s important they remain standing. The NHL – and, yes, your Leafs – are back. And it (almost) looks like a regular season! Our resident hockey expert, 11-year-old Owen Hargrave – host of his own YouTube show, Owen Talks Lots of Hockey  - returns to prognosticate on his team and the league with our Hab-loving host. Nancy Payne, associate editor of the Advocate Magazine, drops by to tell us about an upcoming panel discussion – a real one, not the virtual kind – called Diversity in Municipal Politics.




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