The Advocate Podcast – Stories from Kawartha Lakes

Episode #31 Play Ball! (maybe). Truax’s musical transformation. Fenelon Funds cool ideas. Trevor’s isolation. Gettin’ wet – and cold – for a Coby cause. Owen talks Leafs – and Habs.

May 15, 2021

Owen ain’t even a teen, yet, but he knows hockey! He returns to weigh in on the upcoming Leafs playoff series – against our host’s beloved Habs.

Dunsford musician-of-many-instruments, Nathan Truax, expounds on his artistic epiphany – which included a western shirt and a super cool moustache.  The Community Fund Fenelon Falls is all about making that town better – and they’ve got some capital to make it happen. They just need the ideas. Dean Michel and Jennifer Bacon and some 30 others took a plunge – literally – to help make a Coboconk wellness centre a reality. We hear the splash – again, literally – that campaign made. OPS Minor Baseball league president, Melanie Babcock, is crossing lots of Ts and dotting many Is in the hopes of bringing ball back to our area this summer.

The Lindsay Advocate’s Trevor Hutchinson’s work-related travel demanded he complete a 14-day quarantine in an isolation hotel. We talked to him via Zoom on Day 13 – and his room looked remarkably tidy!

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